All the ends of the world shall remember
and turn unto the Lord: and all the kindred
of the nations shall worship before thee.
- Psalm 22:27, KJV


Our primary task is Evangelism.

Our goal is first of all to get into areas that do not have a
church of any kind that could be called evangelical Christian.
Our heart’s desire is to plant the spiritual church of our Lord
Jesus Christ who in turn would plant the spiritual church in other areas.

Evangelism is done mainly through our tent ministry.
Crusades are conducted with special speakers. Crusades are for the
duration of 1 week to 2 months long. This includes ministry like preaching, music, Dicipleship for men and women and children’s ministry.

Furthermore people are evangelize on a one to one basis,
through house visitation. Schools and medical clinics are other places where evangelism takes place. The Gospel is shared through open air services and whilst food and clothes are distributed.

Evangelism remains
the main focus.

Even when providing aid to these people e.g. a bore hole, it must
be in association with the spreading of the Gospel. Day and night
as people came to draw water, the Gospel is shared. Hiking into
mountain areas is another method used in presenting the gospel of
our Lord Jesus Christ to unreached people groups. Most of these
people in the mountains cannot be reached by road.