"Looking at the ministry of Hennie and Rina Venter over the past 33 years (1977-2010) is one of the most exciting things that anyone can do.  They can look back and say that God was faithful and continuously He has led them all the way."

Soon you can follow 33 Years of our walk with God in His mission.

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1. Overview
2. Early years (1977-1982)
3. Samaria mission (1982-2006)
4. Evangelism
5. Church Planting
6. Construction of churches (1977-2010)
7. Transport-(How did we get there?)
8. Training
9. Youth Camps
10. Mountain Hikes
11. Baptist Mission Department (1983-1990)
12. Christ Baptist Church(1988-2006)
13. Pro Missions (1988-2003)
14. Short term Missionaries (1977-2010)

15. Baptist Northern Association
16. Christ seminary
17. Training of church Leaders
18. Leadership Development school
19. Mozambique (1994-2010)
20. Social ministry
21. Relief help
22. Global Ministries Fellowship(2003-2010)

23. World Mission Trips (1986-2010)







God alone can ordain a ministry that will stand the test of time. Normally in times of hardship and persecution, that which is not of the Lord comes to an abrupt end. Ministries born out of the Father heart of God carry His guidance and counsel. To the point that faithfulness presides in the lives of His called ones even at moments when there seems to be no hope.
We believe that Samaria Mission is such a ministry.  The Samaria Mission  since its beginning was lead by Hennie & Rina Venter.  More than being under their leadership, we could maybe say that over many years  the ministry “was” Hennie & Rina Venter.  They  by the grace of God took steps of faith, counted the cost and  lived  a life style with little provision, and little support from God's children.

There ministry was born in 1977 when they felt the Lord's calling upon their lives.  At great cost they left behind what they had and faithfully started serving the Lord.

Looking at the ministry of Samaria Mission over the past 24 years is one of the most exciting things that anyone can do.  They can look back and say that God was faithful and continuously He has led them all the way.  It is very easy to look at it now and to say that more could have been achieved, but we praise God for that which has been accomplished in retrospect.  More than two hundred churches have been planted in partnership with our black churches, 69 church buildings were erected, many hundreds have been discipled, evangelistic crusades were held where thousands of people were exposed to the preaching of the Gospel.

Since the beginning of this ministry they were committed to work through the local church.    1978 saw them taking to the roads in working with an old blind evangelist named Boet van Niekerk, now with the Lord.   He was the founder of what was called the Malotto Inner City Mission.  From 1983 to 1987 they worked from the Arcadia Baptist Church in Pretoria.  At this time the focus in the hearts of Hennie & Rina became Lebowa, Venda & Gazankulu in the Far Northern Transvaal region.  In the meantime most of the committee members serving on the Samaria Mission Committee moved to Pretoria-North.  1980 - 1985 saw the whole family living in a caravan (trailer or camper) as their only means for accommodation.  We praise God that in this time He saw them through.

Eventually in 1988, the whole ministry was transferred to the auspices of the Pretoria North Baptist Church, whilst still encountering the problem of distances between the church and the mission field.  This arrangement was only in place for a short time as the whole ministry in the beginning of 1989 moved to Pietersburg now Polokwane.

In spite of obstacles in the way of the ministry, God blessed this ministry tremendously.  A further sacrifice was that Hennie often was not at home.  Finances would pinch to the degree that Hennie would cut his own tread into the tyres of a truck with a pocket knife.  The children had to attend schools which were not conducive for proper education.   At times Hennie were threatened with death.  To continue ministry in this highly occultic area definitely enters into the confrontation of the spiritual realm.  Outsiders to the mission field gradually became involved in ministry. The mission was based at Potgietersrus from 1989 to 2003.
In October 2003 the mission moved to the church premises of Christ Baptist Church. At present the Samaria Mission is a ministry of Christ Baptist Church.

Global Ministries Fellowship

Global Ministries Fellowship(GMF), founded by Richard Hamlet in 2003, began by adopting and supporting ministry initiatives in Brazil, India, Romania , Albania and Africa.   

We are GMF's initiative in Africa, and  have strategic partnerships, ministering  in South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, DRCongo, Zambia, Zimbabwe,Malawi, Sudan and Angola.
It is encouraging to see how God is raising many young leaders up for service.  Our task is to support, facilitate and empower these leaders in Africa.  Their dedication and commitment to the task, in spite of difficult situations are an encouragement for us. 


Rina is full time administrator of GMF world mission, Africa. In February 2007, Hennie & Rina has become members of the Ngwenani Baptist Church in Venda, South Africa, and being sent from this church as their missionaries.